Toplu Tekstil: Not only quality control but also make quality

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  • 28 Eylül 2017
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Toplu Tekstil: Not only quality control but also make quality

Becoming a well-known brand in the sector in the products of Stick Pass Curtain Tape, Stick Pass Monofilament Curtain Tape, Universal Pleating Marked Curtain Tape, Monofilament Vertical Curtain Tape and Continuous Pleating Monofilament Curtain Tape, Toplu Tekstil will have a special focus on its stand in Hall 10, Booth B01, EVTEKS 2017 fair with its highly appreciated products by local and foreign investors

Toplu Tekstil adds power to its potential withits investment in new machine and R & D work Our company was founded in 1978. Toplu Tekstil, which has an important place in the industry, began to manufacturing Narrow Weaving in 1997 and carried its vision day by day. Our company, which has continuously expanded its product range until 2005, has adapted its products to market conditions. Our company, which keeps on working with the idea of being successful in the first rule and being open to innovations, started to manufacture the extra used curtains in the Home Textile sector after the investments made in 2006. With the investment of new machine parks and R & D studies, Toplu Tekstil has added strength to its power and accelerated its rapid progress in the sector since December 2012.
Manufacture of various widths from 1 mm to 200 mm, production capacity of 12 million meters, model with more than 550 curtain reinforcement-tapes
Toplu Tekstil is the result of studies that it has done in home textiles; Curtain tape, curtain scarves, curtain roulette and narrow weaving products and apparel and sub-industry to appeal to the production. We manufacture various widths from 1 mm to 200 mm. Having a production capacity of 12 million meters, our company offers quality understanding of service to our customers with a model exceeding 550 with a curtain heading.

Toplu has been a focus in R + T Turkey 2017 fair
In the R + T Turkey 2017 fair, Toplu Tekstil, which has a special interest in booths and highly appreciated its products, had a productive fair and made connections with many local and international companies.
Make the production of your orders meticulously
and deliver as soon as possible
Our company responds to the demands of companies exporting to Europe and many countries of the world. We meet the needs of all our customers with both our state-of-the-art machinery and technical staff. Our company emphasizes the importance of cooperation in working life and assist and supports our customers in R & D activities. At the same time, without compromising our customer satisfaction policy, we are delivering the production of special orders from our customers meticulously as soon as possible. Becoming a well-known brand in the sector, Toplu Tekstil has manifested itself in many countries of the Russian Federation, Asia, Europe and Africa. Our company, exporting to these countries and declaring their name and most important Turkish brand to many countries of the world, continues to work to secure its place in the European market.
Affordable, up-to-date, innovative and not
compromising on quality solutions
Our quality policy: We work on customer-oriented


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