Trends in internal sun protection systems

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  • 15 Ocak 2018
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Trends in internal sun protection systems

Internal sun protection systems feature a large number of functions and are especially impressive on account of their design freedom. A look at the latest figures from the German Association for Privacy and Sun Protection Systems (ViS) shows what solutions have developed very well on the market.


Overall, the members of the ViS are satisfied with the growth in sales in 2016. “This is proved by a survey of our members that was conducted in August,” said Martin Auerbach, Managing Director of the Association. The first six months of 2017 are actually rated slightly better in this respect.


“According to the Association’s statistics, sales in the largest product groups in percentage terms remained the same or rose slightly in the first six months of 2017,” said Martin Auerbach. Sales of vertical slats and surface curtains declined. With a total of 53.4 per cent, pleated blinds and Duette® honeycomb blinds together account for the highest proportion of sales of internal privacy and sun protection systems. Their sales increased by +0.1 and +0.6 per cent respectively, and have become established at a high level.


Roller blinds and double roller blinds are the second largest product group with a total share of 19.3 per cent. With a share of 16.9 per cent, roller blinds recorded the highest growth in sales with +2.4 per cent in the first six months of 2017. “We were surprised to see that sales of double roller blinds declined. However, well-designed double roller blinds can still be regarded as a niche product with only a 2.4 per cent share of sales,” said Martin Auerbach. The extremely positive development of horizontal slats in 2016 also continued in the first six months of 2017 with a +1.1 per cent rise in sales. Martin Auerbach: “Vertical slats are showing a slight drop in sales amounting to -1.1 per cent. With a sales share of 5.9 per cent, surface curtains recorded the largest decrease in sales in percentage terms (-13.4 per cent) and are therefore continuing their sales downturn from last year.“


Generally speaking, companies’ expectations for the second half of the year are optimistic. For example, 58 per cent of manufacturing members – manufacturers of internal privacy and sun protection systems – plus 47 per cent of supplier members – suppliers of components for internal privacy and sun protection systems – are expecting sales to rise in 2017. 25 per cent of manufacturers and 53 per cent of suppliers are expecting stable sales. According to the VfS survey, 17 per cent of the responding manufacturers are anticipating lower sales.

Confident outlook

“Manufacturers of internal privacy and sun protection systems also currently regard the economic development of their product area in 2018 with far more optimism than suppliers,” said Martin Auerbach. 58 per cent of manufacturers are positive about the economic development of internal privacy and sun protection systems in 2018: “This expectation is even more positive than during the survey for 2017,” said the Managing Director of the VfS. 31 per cent of suppliers share this assessment while the majority (69 per cent) are assuming that business will develop satisfactorily. Nobody expressed any negative expectations.

Visitors to the forthcoming R+T 2018 will be able to obtain information directly from the VfS about the trends and opportunities relating to internal sun protection systems. The VfS will actively participate in the leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems for the first time. Martin Auerbach: “Under the heading “Internal values count”, we want to address the target group of companies which have hitherto been involved in the area of external sun protection systems. We are looking forward very much to our participation in R+T 2018 and to interesting discussions in Stuttgart!“


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